The area surrounding the tiny hamlet of  Montant is steeped in history and makes an excellent base from which to explore.  

The earliest settlers, pre historic man,  occupied the area  for around four hundred thousand years.  The troglodytes, cave dwellers lived in the area near by, and their caves are still in use today.  You can visit the caves during the summer.  

More recently the Châteaux of La Guerche was an important strategic point during the war and a strong point of the resistance movement who hid soldiers

and airmen in the troglodyte caves.

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Montant is situated 50 minutes from the old University town of Tours.

The main town of Descartes, birth place of the philosopher Rene Descartes  is a 15 minute drive and features shops and restaurants.  They have a Sunday morning market which should not be missed.

The nearest large town of Chatellerault is approximately 15 minutes drive.  Chatellerault is on the main  Paris Bordeaux autoroute  the A10.  This makes access very easy  

The ultra modern Futuroscope is only a short drive away, approximately 45 minutes.

The Chateaux of the Loire are all within easy driving distance as are the fine vineyards producing Anjou, Samour, Vouvray, Chinon  and Bourgeuil.

Le Prieuré   

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